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About Us

Our restaurant is named “Meskel” in honour of the ancient Ethiopian Orthodox Church, whose mandatory fasting days calendar instructs us to consume vegan food for more than 250 days a year. Our goal is to honour what we learned from our mother and grandmothers' generations and then pass all of it the spices, health, love, wisdom, history, the tradition that come with it on to you all. We serve nine vegan dishes, two meat dishes and a Spris (Ethiopian fruit and vegetable layered drink).

We are serving up more than food. We are delighted to introduce you to a culture that cherishes eating with the hand. We provide rolls of injera that will help to scoop up the vegetables and stew with your hands.  Rolls of injera are provided and diners are expected to tear off small pieces of the crepe-like bread and scoop up the vegetables and the soups with their hands. Our desire is for you to taste and cherish ancient history.

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